Our Philosophy

"It is our clients' business parameters and business objectives that are the major informing factors when establishing business solution requirements. Creative for it own sake is a waste of the client's money and time: It is the functional requirements that must dictate a strategic direction. Furthermore, our experience and continuous monitoring and understanding of the market trends, is what gives our clients an advantage that keeps them ahead of their competition at all times."     Tebogo Masike
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Assegai Award Winner 2014

Nungu is a Bronze Recipients of the 2014 Assegai Award for Face to Face Activations / Field Marketing.                                                                                     Project: Pin Pop School Tour                                                                                               The Assegai Awards acknowledge and awards those whose Direct Marketing campaigns deliver exceptional results.   Since their inception, the Assegai Awards have striven to benchmark the South African Direct Marketing industry, to highlight best-in-class examples and encourage all players in the industry to work towards achieving greatness in their campaigns. The ultimate goal remains to keep raising the bar for the whole industry.

Who we work for

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