About Us

Nungu Marketing, was founded five years ago by Tebogo Masike, and has grown to be active in four (4) provinces focusing on Below The Line activities in the townships.

There is a surprising tendency in the creative agency market where marketing departments accept great creative outputs without taking into consideration the implementation at ground level. At Nungu we believe that if creative output is directed by the client’s business objectives and goals the implementation should be delineated by the insights relevant to the target audience; and this will have an effect through the to the execution of the idea.

Through our no nonsense and vertically integrated approach, Nungu offers to close the gap left between the signing off of a creative output, to reaching the end customer/consumer. We offer marketing solutions which imbibes the essence of the client’s business, resulting in relevant and pinpointed output. Any great marketing plan, without an equally great implementation strategy, will not deliver the projected results.

Hence Nungu becomes the perfect tool in implementing great BTL plans for all FMCG brands, specifically in the townships, a region in which the company specializes and where we have a large footprint