NUNGU CARES supports the underprivileged through targeted corporate partnerships across the country. this is done through initiatives that benefit young black children and youth who live in orphanages, special needs schools, and the less fortunate from rural schools.

These initiatives range between refurbishing buildings, feeding programmes, provision of clothes and other consumables, and education funding.

Current sustainable partnerships;

R1,500,000.00 breakfast funding over a set period for two schools in Brits(North West) – Rekgonne Bapo Primary(a school of special needs children) and St Helena Bay(Western Cape) Steenbergs Cove Primary School respectively.

Nungu’s contribution to the funds is derived from a percentage of our overall earnings per annum. We believe in adding to the cause of the less fortunate, and are always ready and prepared to partner with brands and corporates in creating sustainable models that can be equally beneficial to their CSI objectives.